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Respecting the Client, your collegues and the Opponent is the main key to success in any dispute.

Naiya GillDirector

The history of our company will surprise you

Naiya Gill Professional Law Corporation is known for providing high – end solution either in legal or in consultancy services in order to meet the clients’ interests or to building a strong and long term relationship.

We actively engage with the Canadian legal community in matters of common interest and mutual benefit. We partner with leading thinkers and innovators within the legal profession, and we disseminate knowledge about global and national trends affecting your work. We are dedicated to supporting the rule of law and improving the administration of justice in Canada. In short, we are the voice of Canada’s legal community.

A well-coordinated law firm, able to solve
the most complex task set before us by the Client and legal practice.

Naiya values being an empathetic and tenacious lawyer with a fearless approach to representing his clients’ interests. She focuses on providing clarity and a clear plan of action when working with clients and she knows how important it is to provide them with a service-oriented and common sense approach.

Naiya Gill has practiced for 21 years in Legal Industry back home dealing with Complex Property and criminal matters. Naiya understands that having legal issues impacts on every aspect of a person’s life. It is during what is often the most difficult time in a person’s life that you need the support of an empathetic, determined and experienced lawyer who is committed to achieving the best possible result.

Professional Legal Advice

A comprehensive and professional legal approach
offering advice and efficient results.

Affordable Price

Competitively priced services that add value for our clients.


We are friendly and easily accessible.
We value promptness in our responses.

What my Clients has to say about me.

Naiya is really quick, responding to queries. She made it a seamless operation for our new home documents. I highly recommend and will work with her again in future. Thanks, Naiya!

Neel Tewar