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Naiya values being an empathetic and tenacious lawyer with a fearless approach to representing her clients’ interests. She focuses on providing clarity and a clear plan of action when working with clients and she knows how important it is to provide them with a service-oriented and common sense approach.

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Getting out of the problem and into the solution is what we do best. Naiya Gill has achieved success in the courtroom handling complex litigation and legal aid cases. As innovators and advisors, we focus on establishing genuine client relationships and providing results-oriented, cost-effective counsel.

Using her expertise and experience, Naiya Gill documents and builds her customers’ cases to obtain the results they aim to achieve in their particular situation. Naiya is known for doing what she says, aiming to bring favourable results for its customers as soon as possible.

What can we help you with

Ask our professional team for help. We offer initial consultations to provide you with an overview of the legal process and answer any of your questions. We are committed to developing a legal strategy tailored to your needs. We will see you through the conflict and work with you for the resolution.

Real Estate

You can be confident that your transactions are properly completed when you have the knowledge and assistance of the competent Real Estate lawyer.

Wills & Estates

A well-crafted will serves as a legal document outlining matters such as estate division, child custody, special requests, and other critical directions.

Corporate Law

With a commitment to offering strategic solutions and sound guidance, we endeavour to help minimize risk and work towards supporting your business goals.

Family Law

At Naiya Gill Professional Law Corp, we recognize how sensitive family disputes are and aim to provide you with the support that you need from the start.

Legal Aid

We provide legal aid in BC. The law is complicated, but not everyone can afford a lawyer. We can help you with your legal issue.

Power of Attorney

We can assist you with creating a Will and outlining your Power of Attorney. For your family and friends, this will ease the stress of your loss.


We offer a wide range of immigration services for individuals and families. Appeals/Judicial Review is among the numerous areas of immigration law in which we specializes.

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A good lawyer is one who is passionate about the law and compassionate with the client. Having a good lawyer can be the difference between doing a transaction the right way and getting it done with, versus not doing it the right way and having to re-do it.

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